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“He who goes about to reform the world must begin with himself, or he loses his labor.” 
― Ignatius of Loyola


I’m currently serving as licensed minister to a small and loyal congregation in the Coal Region of Central Pennsylvania while working on my Master of Divinity at Lancaster Theological Seminary. I’m a Member in Discernment (MID) seeking ordination with Central Association of the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ.

I believe in transparency and openness. I pray for inclusiveness and integration. I’m a rebel with strong organizing skills who is advocating for all of us on the periphery. My particular interests are the Church’s response to mass incarceration and identifying what it means to “Be the Church” in my lifetime. I love exploring faith through literature, music, and film; especially in the genres of Horror, Southern Gothic, and Hip Hop. I’m inspired by other rebels and advocates. I get really excited when I witness folks living into a more whole version of themselves.

My heritage lies with the Muscogee Creek Natives of South Georgia and Scottish immigrants. I’m interested in Native spirituality and worship, and incorporating these sacred rituals in my daily life. I have experienced tremendous transformation in reconnecting with my roots.

Pausing for Grace is about taking time to recognize the grace granted to me, and the grace I can give to my family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. It is about going against the modern push for quickness and instant gratification. It’s for all of us looking to slow down and experience each other more fully. It’s about growing and realizing our potential to affect change. And ultimately, Pausing for Grace is about love.

On these pages you’ll find a weekly blog post and my own sermons (beginning Oct. 2017). I hope you find what you’re looking for, if not here, then somewhere.

Agere Contra, friends.